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Welcome to SArecruiters, a Blog Site for Mema Referral

Mema Referral (Mema) is South Africa’s innovative online recruitment platform that connects Employers with Recruitment Agencies.


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Mema simplifies the working relationship of hiring companies and recruitment agencies and helps both parties work better together.


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By eliminating inefficiencies, Mema improves the way hiring companies and Recruitment Firms collaborate to fill permanent vacancies in various industries in South Africa.
Mema commits to the success of every recruitment assignment
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Collaborate with Recruiting Firms via the Marketplace (


Enjoy simplified method of doing business (manage new or your preferred recruitment agencies on ONE platform). A single set of Terms and Conditions protects all parties (Employers, Recruiters and Mema). Discuss Terms, Fees, Refunds, Discounts with Mema!


The Mema website provides enticing incentives for Recruitment Agencies to deliver great service and helps them spend less time on admin and marketing so they can focus more on their core mandate of supplying quality candidates to hiring companies.


Have a more organised method of storing received CVs, keeping record of the recruitment process (i.e. shortlisted, rejected, interview and hired candidates) and giving sufficient feedback to Agencies without even writing and sending out e-mails.


Reduce your recruitment agency costs dramatically and consistantly without asking a single Recruiter (Recruitment Agency) to lower its fees. This way you face no risk of recruiting firms feeling less valued or less appreciated if you request a discount. 

ONE CONTRACT (View Details, click here)

Enter into an agreement with Mema only. Discuss terms, fees, billing, discounts and refunds with one service provider, Mema.

A single set of fair terms and conditions protects all parties: Employers, Recruitment Agencies and Mema.

SIMPLICITY (View Details, click here)

one contract with one vendor,

one billing & refunding vendor,

one invoice format,

one bank account to pay into.

Why should our company work with Recruitment Agencies through Mema (a marketplace) when we can engage these vendors directly and easily?

Why use WhatsApp to communicate with people when you can engage with them directly via SMS or email or by just calling them? The answer is simple, we use WhatsApp because that platform or App adds value and it’s FREE.

Similarly, the recruitment marketplace adds real value as explained above and is FREE to use. An Employer, if it hires via the marketplace, pays the Placement Fee it would have paid a Recruitment Agency anyway. Mema does not add a markup!

How Does The Marketplace Make Money?

Mema makes money by sharing income with a successful Recruiter (i.e. a recruiting firm whose candidate gets hired through the Marketplace or Mema Referral website).

If you hire, Mema will invoice you, collect payment, keep a small share of the Placement Fee and then pay the rest to the succesful Recruiter.

Is There Money-Back or Candidate Replacement Guarantee In The Marketplace?

Yes, Mema offers Money-Back Guarantee for a period of up to 3 months from the start date of a new hire’s employment. So, if your company terminates its newly-hired employee’s employment within the Guarantee Period, it can either receive a replacement candidate or get back 70% of its paid amount

Mema is responsible for billing and refunding clients (Employers).


It's NOT a Job Board

Typically, a job board is a website that has a database of CVs and is usually used by both Employers and Recruitment Agencies to find job seekers.

The marketplace (Mema Referral) on the other hand has a network of recruitment agencies (and no CVs or job seekers) on its website that are available on demand.

It's NOT a Recruitment/Search Firm

A recruitment agency is an intermediary between Employers and Job Seekers. The marketplace (Mema) is an intermediary between Employers and Recruitment Agencies.

Mema does not supply job candidates, but provides a much better way for hiring companies to engage the services of recruiting firms.